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all4 small Incubator Challenge Radboudumc

Incubator Challenge Radboudumc

In 2018 my colleague Paediatrician at the CWZ hospital Nijmegen, René Verlaak, accepted a
challenge and managed to lie in an incubator for a total of 10 hours. This challenge was to raise
money for the charity “All4Small”. This challenge has since gained national interest and now more
hospitals are being challenged to take part and gain recognition for the charity “All4Small”.

René: “In life we’re challenged in many ways, some just happen and others are of your own
choice. As a Neonatologist I spend many hours standing by incubators looking in and
wondered what would it be like to lie in one?. Initially thinking ‘who knows?’ I later realised -
well there’s only one way to find out…”.

Wednesday 13th of March is the day that The Radboud Amalia childrens hospital takes its turn!

The CWZ hospital has challenged The Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc) and
Neonatologist Willem de Boode has taken up the challenge. At 6am he will crawl into the incubator
and stay there for at least 10.5 hours.
We would be very grateful if you would support his efforts for the charity “All4Small”!

If you would like to support Willem

You can donate online here. Please state that it concerns the incubator challenge.
OR you are very welcome to come in person to the ‘Centrale As’ (entrance R-building) and see
Willem in action! A donation can be made there and then in his incubator.
Children are very welcome and especially for them we have a small surprise.

After completing his own challenge Willem will pass the challenge on to another hospital. This way
we hope to gain more publicity and financial support for “All4Small”.

About “All4Small”
2014 saw the start of “All4Small”. It was initiated by the Neonatal ward of The Radboudumc Amalia
Children’s Hospital. “All4Small” is raising money for important research projects in the field of
premature and sick newborn children. Paediatricians, neonatologists and neonatal nurses urgently
need more scientific information about the circulation (so-called haemodynamics) of this vulnerable
population of the intensive care. We therefore need to develop a trustworthy method to measure
and record the circulation of these vulnerable babies. Your financial support is of great importance to
help fund this research.